Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hello. It has been quite sometime since I posted anything on this blog. For that matter, it has been
some time since any of us has posted anything on this blog! Well, life has been fast for the past one month. Busy with visa work, writing my book. And the internet here is quite slow. So, it makes it difficult to make videos and upload them!!

Still, as promised I have come with my video answering your questions. In this first episode I have answered 5 of your questions.


I have picked 5 of our readers questions ranging from Observerships, Timeline for the 2014 match, How to improve your CV and the importance of US clinical experience.

My apologies for the poor video quality. I need to get a better webcam pretty soon ;)

Hope this helps not only those who asked the questions but also those who had similar questions.

Do keep your question coming in either on our email  or the ASK A QUESTION form on this website. Our next episode will be hopefully out by next week!!


  1. How many months of USCE is usually needed/preferred by programs esp for IM?? is there a minimum criteria for that? A reply on this would be great. Thanks!

  2. hey,basil ,you ppl are putting up some excellent altruistic efforts and hats-off for that.if its feasible can you briefly narrate someone's or perhaps yours interview experiences,if that doesnt violate any kind of again asking fro your invaluable help and data regarding the CERTIFICATE OF NEED -for cretaIN specialty XYZ......certificate ,which we have to procure from Indian govt.for J1 visa.....actually i want info abt compulsion on returning to India..........please try to answer these questions at will......again great efforts.........hope to join your cause once i get a residency spot and have something to share with other


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