Thursday, March 14, 2013


So folks

Now everyone is on a high after matching and planning your visa process.
Its time to concentrate on stuff other than visa. One thing that people are confused is to design a perfect home before a stressful internship. I am here to give u a list of things that you can buy to fill in your home :)

FURNITURE and stuff
1. a cot
2. a single or queens bed - dont hesitate to buy a good one for atleast 200 to 300 bucks. the only time you are gonna be in home is for sleep and you wanna make sure you sleep comfortably and get up with full energy for next day
3. 2 pillows with pillow covers
4. bedspread
5. blankets
6. a good study table (about 150$)
7. a really really comfortable study chair

1. bath and wash towels
2. ties
3. socks
4. good shoe
5. thermal pants n shirts
6. crew cut shirts
7. a good jacket
8. shirts, pants for men and the equivalent stuff for women of which I have no idea :P
9. belt

1. moisturiser
2. shampoo
3. conditioner
4. hair gel
5. comb
6. fragrances- perfumes body sprays
7. hair oil
8. hair and body wash- shower gel
9. Tide detergent
10. shaving cream n razor
11. toothpaste
12. brush
13. mouth wash
14. gums
15. toilet tissues
16. zip lock bags
17. good lunch box that s heat resistant when u heat in microwave
18. kitchen paper towels
19. dishwasher soap
20. salt
21. sugar
22. rest snack items acc to individual preference
23. frozen vegetables and bread, bagels
24. butter, milk, cheese, egg
25. cooking oil

 pens, print papers, fevistick, stapplers, stappler pins, pencils, ruler, cellophane tape, notepads , IPAD :P

phones, charger, headphones, laptop with charger, ipods n other fancy gadgets with their respective chargers, US pin converter, pen drives,

INDIAN GROCERY STORE STUFF( learnt from cooking for past 6 months)
rice- sona masoori seems to be the best, ponni n basmati are the other good ones
wheat flour
maggi (crowd favorite)
garam masala
coriander, cumin powder
chilli powder
green chillis
mustard, fennel seeds
toor dal, moong dal n other dals
turmeric powder
shredded coconut/ maggi coconut powder
desi curd
frozen roti, paratha, parota n snack stuff acc to preference
kissan jam
channa dal
curry powder, sambhar powder, rasam powder, rice mix powders
tandoori masala, chicken masala, egg curry masala
MTR ready to eat sabjis

dining plates, spoons, fork, cutter, knivers, vegetable cutter, bowls,
pressure cooker
dosa tawa
mixer grinder, rice cooker, chapathi roller,
water jug with filter
cooking pans
tin opener
tea glass
egg beater
ice cubes maker

there is a whole lot of perishable things like fruits vegetable meat dairy section.

I understand that the list is not comprehensive. Readers are welcome to suggest things to add in the list in the comments section.

Karthik Ragu


  1. Coffee maker
    Quaker oats/ cereal
    Room heater / Air conditioner
    Hair dryer

  2. Cloth hanger and laundry basket


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