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Studying for step 1….. USMLE Step 1 preparation methods and materials:
·         Kaplan Lecture Notes + DVDs
·         First Aid for the USMLE
  • Goljan Rapid Review of Pathology
  • Kaplan Step 1 Qbank online two months subscription
  • USMLEWorld Step 1 Online two months subscription
NBME -7 and 11 or 12
UWSA 1 n 2 for practice
Day before the FRED 150

Time required-

I don’t know exactly what to say about this some people do it in 6 months, and some do this in 3 to 4 months. In my case, I took 5 months.  So, it depends on person to person and how many hours you can dedicate and how the fast learners you are.  Watch Kaplan lecture videos and revise notes along with it. Use your mind and don’t try to mug everything just understands your concepts. So, when you would have an initial reading of your Kaplan notes you would be like this  So, relax you are in the nascent stage of your preparation. I would say after giving 2 reading start with Kaplan's question bank. First subject wise. Make notes while solving them. Do them in tutor mode without any time constraint on you.  Solve questions don’t mug won't see a single question in an exam same like this. Start question bank as early as possible don’t try to mug Kaplan's notes...Just start with a question bank. Then use your mind. Try to solve question's master skills, think what they are asking to develop your analytical skills. I had no one to tell me these all. I was damn lost in these things. However, trust me to mug Kaplan's notes is not enough. You need to mug notes and practice the way to solve questions.  E.g. you need to understand what that question is asking, and out of the 4 option which one suits that...When you are doing your question bank subject wise revise Kaplan's notes along with it and make notes from question banks add these extra things in your Kaplan notes only.

By the time you are done with your half question bank you would be in a stage of don’t worry this is normal. Don’t worry about your percentage in Kaplan's question bank. This bank is to teach you basic tactics to solve questions. So, even if you are scoring 50 percent or less doesn’t matter as long you are learning something from it.  Once your question bank is done. I would suggest taking one NBME of your choice.  See where you stand but honestly, it is early but this would give you little idea where your scores are. Some people after doing and revising Kaplan's notes and question bank start with USMLE world. However, personally, I did second round of Kaplan in time mode and this time mixed. Yes, I knew answers for many questions as I already did it once. However, I feel this would help you to remember you better as this way your second reading of notes is going on. After doing it give another NBME.

Then start with USMLE world. However, this one needs to be done mixed block and time mode. Remember you need to solve a block in 60 minutes so you need to practice. Make notes from this question bank too.

Oh, I forgot keep revising first aid along both question's bank and add things in it.  I used it a lot.

Now your percentage here doesn’t matter at all, but yes I believe this time it should not be less than 50 percent. If it is below that you are really lagging behind. I believe normally above 56 to 60 percent is acceptable. In my case, I had 67 percent when I started it and by end, I was 70 percent or above it.  During half of USMLE world give another NBME now this is really imp as this is a final stage for you. When you end USMLE world …. You are almost dead. I feel 8 hours are required seriously now 2 months before an exam. At least a month before.

The last assessment should be 2 weeks before exam, and it should be a good score…as USMLE world assessment range from 10 + or _ NBME range 5 + or - .

Do free FREIDA questions in last week.

Some people do USMLE world question bank twice, and I feel that is good as you need to grab everything.

 If your USMLE world or NBME scores are good go and take your exam  Oh how to manage block during an exam. It is an 8 hour exam with 45 minimum break times and 15 minimum tutorials. I guess you can miss tutorial, as you know, well during your practice and question bank as when you do free 150 questions. However, check headphone during this tutorial so move forward fast.First, 3 blocks I did continuous. I mean I took a break of 1 or 2 min between but without going out. Then take a proper break go out wash face eat something. Come to back then do 2 blocks with a 2 or 3 min in between. Then 2 blocks again. It depends on person I did like this. Good luck and you are Done :)  
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